Thursday, October 25, 2012


Loss is a terrible thing and we've all experienced it. It's the worst when you find something that is so pivotal, so irreplaceable and so critical that you can't live without it. Sometimes loss occurs instantly. You don't know where it went and how it got away so quickly. Alternately, the loss can be gradual. You see it coming, but you don't want to believe that one day it will all be gone. 
At the end of it, when you've come to terms with the face that you'll never retrieve what you've lost, you will undoubtedly have one question. Where in the world did all of it go? Bobby pins that is. Seriously, I go through hundreds of those a year. 
I try to be really careful keeping track of bobby pins. Well, not that careful, but as careful as you can be with something that costs .0000001 cents. I have a special cup in the bathroom for them and everything. But no matter what I do, no matter how many pins I put in the bobby pin cup, it always ends up empty every 1-2 months.
Very statistically accurate pie chart. Courtesy of Paul Mitchell research labs.

I wonder if there’s a giant electromagnet somewhere that collects all the misplaced pins. If there is, whoever finds it will (1) make a fortune off scrap metal and (2) be hailed as the national hero of feminism.