Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I love love LOVE Yoga!!!

Yoga is probably one of my favorite forms of exercise for a number of reasons-some of which being: I feel great during and after I do yoga, I'm sore the next day (and I'm pretty sure that's a good thing), and it's really relaxing. It's so nice to just stretch and feel so limber and great for like the whole day after you finish.

Right now I'm in an aerobics class and I was soooooo incredibly excited when my teacher said we were going to do a yoga unit. So while my P.E. class is super duper relaxing, it's also the funniest part of my day. In general I don't laugh out loud when I'm doing yoga, but the guy who does the video is so funny, I just can't help it. His name is Baron Baptiste and while he is incredible at yoga he has a ton of really weird, quirky phrases that he throws in every now and again that pretty much make my day. These are two of my favorites that he uses the most frequently:

"Angels fly because they take themselves lightly"
"Fasten your spiritual seat belts"

Doesn't that just make you laugh reading it? Now imagine some weird, indie, spiritual yoga guy with stretchy pants, a baggy muscle shirt, and bandanna around his head saying that in a nice soothing voice. Who could resist at the very least a small giggle on the inside?

These are a few other highlights of Baron Baptiste Yoga:
1. Even though Baron Baptiste doesn't so much as touch a yoga mat the entire session, he is dripping with sweat by the end... go figure
2. I'm not sure about the exact year, but I know for a fact that the video was made in at least the 2000's. So with this in mind, why does everyone in the video still wear work out clothes from the 90's?
3. I think yoga moves have had the same name for a long time (possibly centuries? I'm not really sure if yoga terminology changes like fads or something) but I personally love doing yoga moves even more when I think that someone a long time ago somehow visualized an Eagle in the same pose that I feel like a little kid trying not to pee their pants... I'm just sayin'
4. I know for a fact Baron Baptiste waxes his eyebrows.

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