Wednesday, May 5, 2010

End of Semester.

Question: why on earth does BYU end so much earlier than Timpview?
Answer: No idea, although I wish the two schools' semesters ended closer together.
-Granted college is a lot harder than high school so they do deserve to get out sooner than us lazy high school students, but considering that three of the five people I see 3+ times a week have left since they got out of school I am bored at home a lot more than usual. Jenny and Kyle who are over at my house 90 percent of the time have gone out of the country (jealous). And Natalie my BFF/Cousin has gone to her house which is 6 hours away and is probably having a blast with her awesome family without me. The fact that they were here is most likely the reason why the last 8 months flew by and now that they're gone the last month of school is ticking by slower than a broken clock.
I do have two consolations though. My two best friends in the world still only live a block away so I'll survive, but it would be a lot easier if school were out....i want summer.

p.s. (21 days until graduation!!!)

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  1. I will refrain from telling you just how awesome of a time I am having. Sorry to leave you. Your days at Tmipview are almost over!!