Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tree house on steroids

Today I saw this headline on Yahoo news.
Treehotel--a cluster of six 12' x 12' hotel suite cubes suspended in the air in the middle of a forest of Sweden. Not only are they individual hanging hotel rooms but they're also invisible. Somehow (i'm not sure how because the article wasn't terrible specific) images are reflected on each of the six walls so it just looks like the rest of the forest including the wildlife. Next to hanging in the air and being invisible, they are also extremely eco-friendly. All the material is recycled and it's solar powered and basically there's just a lot of green stuff going on. The craziest part is the toilets. Instead of flushing they incinerate the contents (I'm not sure how I feel about it because it just seems like so many things could go wrong.) Since the hotel is in the middle of a forest near the arctic circle the recreation in the area (as if observing the surrounding forest and marveling over the fact that you're in an extremely classy hotel hanging 18 feet in the air isn't enough) you can take guided tours and go hiking all over the Swedish wilderness. How cool is that!
I have no idea how to reserve a spot, and no doubt since there are six rooms the waiting list must be 3 years long, not to mention it must cost an arm and a let, and possible a hip and a kidney or two, I would still LOVE to go there someday. Maybe I'll put it on my bucket list or something... which would imply I actually HAVE a bucket list-which I don't.

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