Monday, November 22, 2010

The Munchies

You know those days when you wander around your kitchen, opening every cupboard and every drawer trying to find something that sounds appetizing? Every once in a while something delicious is discovered in round one, however, more often than not you don't get that lucky. Usually you get stuck in a vicious cycle that goes a little like this: fridge, cupboard, pantry, fridge, go sit on the couch/sit in your room/fix your hair/etc. Wait five minutes. Repeat.
Sometimes you'll eventually find something and sometimes you'll have to wait until dinner or make a quick Wendy's run. But, every so often, after pacing the kitchen from anywhere between 5-30 minutes you'll finally remember that thing that once it's in your mind you don't stop craving it. For some it's something normal like a sandwich or cereal. For others it could be something a little less orthodox. Such as, I don't know, peas? Crazy, I know. I'm not proud of it, but suddenly this school year I have developed this weird love of those little green balls. The weird thing is that peas aren't even a vegetable that most people like. For example, everyone loves carrots, and celery, and potatoes, but the fans of peas are few and far between. I don't understand it, but for some reason on the days when I am moseying around my kitchen like a fat kid on a race track I end up craving those and nothing else.

Someone help me. I can't have the full college experience if I'm wanting vegetables (much less that vegetable) instead of pizza, diet Coke, or Twinkies.

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