Monday, November 8, 2010


Utah Valley University is not the college of choice for most young adults in Utah. However there are a few positives of going to the state cop-out school.
1. The chicken fingers in the cafeteria are life changing
2. Almost every building is connected therefore you hardly ever have to go outside if the weather is undesirable.
One of the negatives of UVU is the fact that some of the buildings aren't connected to the main campus. And by not connected I mean pack your wagon and saddle up the horse, it'll take a couple days to get there. With some buildings it doesn't matter that they're so far away. The McKay Education Building for example (A)--A very small percentage of UVU students actually go to that building so it's no big deal that it's way across campus. The problem arises when a building that is pivotal to a student's success is .58 miles away from the center of campus (B) (For the record that is not an exaggeration. I Googled it). The building I refer to is none other than the testing center (C).
Sometimes the hike is marginally OK. On the days when the leaves are beautiful, the temperature is perfect, and the sun is shining but not so brightly that it blinds you. This blissful period of time is a 3-8 day block that can occur any time between mid of September to the end of November (welcome to Utah). Any other time the weather is either so hot you're sweating bullets or so cold and windy your nose starts running the second you step outside.
I had a particularly amazing experience on my way to the testing center today. It was pouring rain AND bitter cold. Oh, and my headphones were broken. How did I get so lucky? By the time I got back to school my hair was windblown, wet and tangled, my shoes were soaked through and my pants were wet up to mid-calf even after I painstakingly avoided all puddles.
I do try to find the positives in life though so two nice things about today? I wore waterproof mascara so my make up still looked alright when I got back to school, and my backpack shielded my back from the pouring rain. It's all about the silver lining right?... right?...

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