Thursday, May 13, 2010


So I don't spend too much time on the computer, there are days when I spend more time than I should online, but I feel like it's alright to indulge every once in a while. One of my favorite ways to spend my time is on Youtube. There are millions of videos and while there are a zillion stupid/gross/graphic/egocentric videos on there there 10 zillion more hilarious ones. These are a few of my recent faves.

The Disappearing Oreo

Pretty Sure I am responsible for 30 of the 95 views this video has

Berries and Cream

6 times I watched this in 15 minutes. 6. And it still never gets old.

Hot Kool-Aid

I tell everyone I know about this video.

Where's the Chapstick?

I don't know if this is real or fake, if it's real I don't know if I should laugh or feel bad for the lady but I laugh anyway.

Hopefully these made life a little bit funnier. I'll probably have more in a few days. Youtube is more addicting than Facebook.

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